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    Shenzhen plateau automotive electronics company was founded in, Dongguan Beidou Security Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012. Due to the development and the needs of the business in March 2016 to move to Shenzhen Guanlan town established Shenzhen plateau Automobile Electronics Co Ltd. Is a collection of R & D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales service in one, specializing in automobile tire pressure monitoring system of enterprises. Main product is to have a complete technical scheme of automobile tire pressure detection system (TPMS), the source of its technical in AGT in Europe and North America DL high-tech R & D team, is committed to in tire pressure intelligent monitoring system and safety driving record product development. Company registered capital of 5000, fixed assets of about 2 yuan.        

    The company attaches great importance to the quality of products, the use of advanced SMT production process, through strict quality testing, to ensure consistency of product performance. Company through the ISO/TS16949:2015 quality management system audit and implement system requirements: from product development, software design, mold manufacturing, production process each link of quality management control the entire security system. Products applicable to the pre installed and after the market, product categories, including solar panel (TPMS), car DVD upgrade TPMS, driving recorder to upgrade TPMS, etc.. For all types of automobile factory to provide TPMS components and custom services.        

    Supply chain selection and its strict selection of the world's top brands of components, including the United States, the United States to fly Carle tire pressure sensor chip. The company has a number of patented technology, the world's leading intelligent power saving technology can make our display more durable; exquisite appearance, to maximize the satisfaction with the perfect body fusion! Since the establishment of the company has combined with domestic and foreign famous laboratory developed the automobile tire pressure detection system (TPMS), with its superior stability and reliability at home and abroad has won wide acclaim. Its products through the United States FCC, NCC, the European Union CE and national quality inspection center, and other domestic and foreign powers, the agency's inspection.          

    Shenzhen plateau Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. will continue to optimize the product, enhance the spirit of service, and you go to the world, and constantly create brilliant!

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